The Credit Commission is a full-service Credit Consulting and Marketing Company. We are dedicated to accentuating your personal credit and your business credit, not necessarily in that order. We diligently work to maintain solid relationships with our clients and partners that are built to last. We will work out a customized plan for each individual or entity to reach their goals. Our Mission is to educate our clients and partners in all facets of their personal and business credit to achieve independence and truly be empowered. Our Vision is to remove the financial roadblocks for our clients to reach their full potential.

What Made Me Get into the Credit Repair Business and Take It To The Next Level? In 1999, I joined a small company as 1 of a total of 5 loan officers. After two years, I was ready to transition to a major company that had 160 loan officers. I have to admit that I was somewhat intimidated by my peers' accomplishments. They had such a large book of clients that kept them very busy and profitable. My beginnings were humble in having a business relationship with people who have never purchased a home or the confidence to consider homeownership. This forced me to take a closer look at my warm market and determine how to build my clients' book. To become profitable, I had to make a decision. My clients were unable to achieve loan approval due to a lack of knowledge around credit. In 2002, I began repairing credit for free. The credit education that I received allowed me to enhance my clients' ability to acquire mortgages and real estate. Credit Repair became my passion. Now I encounter clients seeking to gain homeownership and acquire the beginnings of wealth for their family. I truly believe in serving others. When you help enough people to get what they want, eventually you will get what you desire.

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